Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New headshot Photoshoot

I met John Anthony Sutton at our Brits in LA pub crawl a few months back. Pub Crawl is essentially a Brit thing, where a few mates all meet at one pub, have a pint, then walk/stumble/crawl to another for a pint, then end up pretty much legless for last orders at a final place. Anyway by the by, he asked if he could talk some shots of me for his portfolio, having not long shot with Stoyan Vassev, I was a bit apprehensive, but a few pints in and I would have agreed to sleep with his mother. But, turns out I'm glad i did as I'm pretty pleased with the following shots. I was able to get a couple of things that were missing from my repertoire. Clean shaved, and some with my specs - ever since my turn as the nerdy scientist in Fringe. I had no shot to represent that side of me- -So hopefully I succeed in getting some for me - as well as helping John gain some more work. The shoot was very comfortable, and John fancies himself as a bit of a comedian, he is also very precise. He knows what angles work and what doesn't. It was all a very painless process, for me anyway, I'm sure John's hand was aching pretty bad afterwards, that camera was pretty heavy. The cost is only $195 for two looks and if you are dissatisfied with your shoot you won't have to pay, which is a pretty good policy. Visit his facebook page to see more examples of his work.

I'm putting them up here to find out what you guys think. What does this series say to you?

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