Saturday, July 5, 2014


Los Angeles, CA (I-Newswire) July 3, 2014 - Following Jaguar’s successful US Super bowl “Its Good to Be Bad” commercial, introducing their new “F-type” performance car that featured a slew of renowned British talent, including Avengers star Tom Hiddleston, and Oscar winning actor Ben Kingsley.
An obvious choice when casting their new “Follow the Villain” 5 part series of commercials for its F-TYPE R Coupe was British actor - Craig Robert Young.
Start with a mysterious British Villain, four stunning Jaguar cars, an enigmatic leading lady, a group of antagonists, mix in dramatic car chases and striking locations, and you have Jaguar’s latest ambitious and entertaining branded exercise.
Young’s career in on-screen villainy started in the (UK) award winning TV series, “Dream Team” portraying ex-con turned-pro soccer player, Alex Wilkinson.
Following a succession of leading roles that included three of J. J Abraham’s hit productions – “Lost”, “What About Brian” and the cult sci-fi phenomenon “Fringe”, which lead to Young being named one of TV’s “Top Ten Villains” on “”.
Craig’s popularity playing the charismatic “bad boy” caught the eye of the producers of the No.1 rated US procedural drama “NCIS: Los Angeles” who offered Craig to recur as Dracul Comescu in both NCIS: Los Angeles and Hawaii Five-0.
In the “Follow the Villain” campaign, we see our suave “bad boy”, Craig Robert Young choosing the right car for his escape… With it’s soaring performance, the F-TYPE R Coupe offers outstanding levels of dynamic capability and control with its 5.0 liter supercharged V8 engine produces 550 horsepower, accelerating from 0-60 mph in just 4.0 seconds making it the perfect choice for any fast getaway.
The F-type R coupe tops Jaguar’s new sports car range; it’s the most powerful series-production Jag model ever. It responds accurately to even the smallest of steering inputs through an exceptionally stiff body. It is fearsome, loud, and fast
Craig says: “I was thrilled to get behind the wheel of this beautiful sleek high performance machine. 550 horsepower is sheer winning in style and I am thrilled and honored to be chosen as the next super-villain in this fantastic series.”
Craig Robert Young’s talents hit big screen this coming fall playing a good guy in the multiple award winning “Return to the Hiding Place” following a successful limited release in eight cities in the US earlier this month.
This miniseries was created and produced exclusively by MindOverEye, part of the Creative Services division of TEN: The Enthusiast Network.
Jaguar will be rolling out all five commercials with the hashtag #followthevillain
Press contact: Sean Borg +13104474249

Monday, June 30, 2014


As an avid theatre go-er and a recent performer at The Malibu Playhouse, it came to my attention that there are some incredibly vile audience members out there, and quite frankly they need a little guide on how to behave in the theatre.

A quick guide to theatre etiquette.
by craig Robert Young 6/30/14


This is not your kids baseball game. Theatre going is considered dignified, a touch of elegance and class will go along way. Don't take your shoes off once seated. You might not think your feet smell, but constant brushing your toes against the back of the person-in-front's chair will start to permeate of rotten kippers. Also, there is nothing worse than, once the show has started, the bright light of the usher's flashlight  beaming from the aisles, or the brush of latecomers stepping on toes with hush whispers of "excuse me, please, sorry..." It's very distracting. Last time I checked your name is not the one above the marquee.

Seriously, we don't care if that's your friend in the chorus, you don't understand what's going on, or that Adele Nazeem was better in 'Wicked'. Keep your comments until the interval or preferably after the show. We can hear your whispers and the person next to you can't. #annoying. Shhhh, means exactly that. Shut it! And don't talk back to the stage, this is not audience participation, this is not Jerry Springer. We will not respond to your "Don't go in there," "Don't trust him girl", "He done it with the candlestick in the drawing-room".


A scene from "Scary movie"

You will face the wrath of fed-up actors now, like John Lacy who stepped down from the stage at the Repertory East Playhouse in Newhall, Calif., to confront a man who twice screamed "f*g" during a Saturday performance of the two-act play 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'.  Lacy pushed the heckler and he fell to the floor. And don't be like spoiled-brat actor Shia LeDouche (LeBouef) who is facing charges of disorderly conduct, criminal trespassing and harassment for yelling obscenities, followed by rants of "Do you know who I am?" as he was escorted out of a recent performance of 'Cabaret.' Exception to the rule, Bad comics doing stand up, and Pantomime, then all bets are off.


Whether it be calling, texting, or using it as a vibrating plaything, turn it off. They even say before show, "Please turn your phone off and all electronic devices." Comply. We don't care if you're waiting on that important call from Spielberg or checking the sports scores, 'grind'r-ing or tinder-ing. Perhaps checking the time or looking at who's playing the swing to Neil Patrick Harris. NO... no... no... Just wait until the interval, or get there early to peruse the cast bios. Speaking of NPH, recently, both he and Academy award winning actor Kevin Spacey, during performances and with humor and wit of course, told the perpetrators to turn off their phones. Listen up people. We hate you!


This is a big no -no - Just like at the movies this is against the law. The taking of Sneaky selfies or full blown recording video on your flip or phone is banned. And for good reason - This is not your kindergarten show and tell, this is artists at work, from the writer, designer and the actors. Live theatre is supposed to be appreciated LIVE! Not to be recaptured. Recently Patti LaPone and James McAvoy both halted their shows to wait for violators to stop recording.


Candy wrappers. - Urgh! I don't care how hungry you are. You can't be quiet at this task. It's impossible. A sweetie is not gonna fill you up or tidy you over. This is not the movies - No popcorn, nor bubble gum. Sticking your gum under the seat is just vile.  No sodas with straws to slurp either. It's very distracting for the audience too. If someone looks around at you and gives you the eye of death. This means STOP!


The show probably hired a sound designer already, so don;t add to it with your jingle jangling. This ain't the mall or Dan Tana's. Its dark, so no one can see you, so leave your Cleopatra collection of Cubic Zirconia at home in the safe! You ain't a one-man band, mmmkay?

Do yourself and everyone else the favor and stay at home. Audience members will look at you with utter disgust and the constant coughing, sneezing or blowing of nose will more than likely get the players sick too, then everyone else will get the understudy. Be considerate. Feel sick? Stay home. Nodding off and snoring is not on either. In fact, leave. Seriously. Leave go home and go to bed, what a waste of money. If the person next to you drops off, feel free to take your index finger and prod them in the eye, real fast and swift. Its dark they won't know who done it and it's a sure fire way to make sure they won't close their eyes again.


Please, for the sake of your dog too. Do you know that your pet can feel emotion? Loud noise hurts their ears (clapping and laughter) and when a fueled scene is happening on stage, your little fluffy anxiety service dog. Guaranteed will piss all over you. Leave it at home. If you've anxiety, stay at home too and stare at white walls, knit, play with knives, just  don't go and see "Hedwig", because trust me, Neil PH will pull out his angry inch and chase you and your little dog too all the way out of the theatre.


This is the height of rudeness. Actors have spent weeks rehearsing to bring you their talents. At least give the courtesy to wait until the cast have taken their bows, and acknowledged the stage manager and crew. Wait until they have completely cleared the stage before exiting whether you liked it or not, please just appreciate the hard work. Your bladder can wait a few seconds more even if you can't.


P.s. Feel free to pass around to all theatre lovers and haters alike ;-)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

in suite food and bev for the arctic monkeys

Hi Guys. please just scroll down for the amount of people you are paying for then hit pay now - SO EASY  - Remember unlimited soda, beer, wine and food for $28 per person - (Saves queuing up outside and missing the show)
Gonna be a real fab night -

Best Craig


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Craig is currently starring as NICKY LANCASTER in Noel Coward's THE VORTEX

Craig is currently starring in 
Noel Coward's THE VORTEX
At the Malibu Playhouse, CA
APRIL 11- MAY 18, 2014

"Craig is Especially Fine & could play any of Coward's leading men." "His performance was Simply Awesome."
"It will go down as one of the most memorable stage performances I have witnessed." 
"He was absolutely fabulous." "WOW!"  "Powerfully rendered. "
"The most powerful, emotional , best acted play I've ever seen. I had to shake it off my clothes and my soul. I still haven't recovered."    "Powerhouse performance!"
"Impressive, Young takes on Nicky with a downward spiral from Bright Young Thing to a final scene imbued with a truly frightening and obsessive madness." 

"Superbly Acted" "Phenomenal!" "A Wonderful Job." 
"Just Brilliant." "eXcellent."    "Fantastic."  "Utterly believable & heartbreaking.A Bravura performance" "Effective Nuanced Work... Explosive power.
For tickets visit

Craig Robert Young is currently starring in The Malibu Playhouse's production of Noel Coward’s THE VORTEX "Native Brit Young could easily step into the shoes of just about every Coward romantic lead, but he is especially fine as Nicky, and never more so than in the Vortex’s devastating gut punch of a finale, played to the hilt by the production’s two stars." —Steven Stanley (

As Nicky Lancaster, Craig Robert Young gives a bravura performance. He shifts beautifully between the funny, expressive, an outwardly confident young man to the little boy, who needs care. Utterly believable & heartbreaking, he shows Nicky’s struggle, disappointment, hope, yearning. With a real sense of desperation & impending violence, he had me on the edge of my seat. - Catherine Siggins - The Anglo Files.

Nicky -- the Noel Coward role -- is superbly acted by Craig Robert Young.  He depicts vividly the young man's confused and unrequited longing for a maternal bond. - Malibu Times

 His performance is truly deserving, so here it is: "I loved watching him on stage, great sense of fun and irony he brought to the character, colors abound. It will go down as one of the most memorable stage performances I have witnessed. The words James Bond came to mind, uncanny? - Clive Pearson

For his theatrical skills, Craig deserves a gold star somewhere!
He was simply awesome! - Kerstin Alm

Craig was  absolutely fabulous in The Vortex at the Malibu Playhouse! I loved the show he was outstanding in the performance - the second act was just incredible! I heard someone say "wow!" as the lights faded to black out at the end - Laura-Beth Hill

In the flashy role of Nicky, Craig Robert Young enters the stage with the explosive power of a hand grenade but then slows it down with some equally effective nuanced work as his character's pain, addiction and other secrets emerge. - Sandro Monetti -

The most powerful, emotional , Best acted play I've ever seen. I had to shake it off my clothes and my soul. I still haven't recovered  - Erika Bokamper
Opening night of The Vortex at Malibu Playhouse with Craig Robert Young was phenomenal! - Ben Stanley

The Vortex at the Malibu Playhouse. It was spectacular. Definitely worth checking out. Craig Bobby Young does a wonderful job. - Walter Tabayong

I came back from a great play, Vortex by Noël CowardCraig Bobby Young is Just brilliant. - Faith Boutin 

Just got home from seeing a preview of The Vortex at the Malibu Playhouse, which is directed by Gene Franklin Smith staring Craig Bobby Young and Shannon Holt. To the entire cast and crew, thank you so much for an amazing job so beautifully done in every aspect of the word. - Scott Kaske

Craig was excellent - Valerie King

Craig was fantastic in the preview show. If it's any sign of what's to come for the real run, watch out!! Well done. Congratulations.  - Ewan Chung

For tickets visit

Both Holt and Young give powerhouse performances under Smith’s generally assured directorial hand. - STAGE SCREEN LA

The set design, costumes and the acting were superb! The cast were well prepared and performed effortlessly!  -Goldstar reviewer.

The extended climax in the scene between Florence and Nicky (powerfully rendered by Craig Robert Young) is positively searing. - Goldstar

"Impressive, Young takes on Nicky with a downward spiral from Bright Young Thing to a final scene imbued with a truly frightening and obsessive madness."

Discounted tickets at Use the code BLA